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About Arnold Bresky M.D.

For the past 15 years, I have been a practicing Preventive Gerontologist in the field of Behavioral Neurology in Southern California. Our nation's number one public health and financial issue this century shall be Alzheimer's disease and Caregiving. I have addressed both these challenges with an integrative scientific, evidence-based, and durable Whole Person Centered Care system that can grow new brain cells and re-wire the brain at any age. Our number one fear as we age is memory loss. Memory is life! I marry hope to science. My medical assessments and recommendations are covered by most insurance companies (even MEDICARE). I want to open Caregiving Schools and Preventive Gerontologists Schools in the near future (real job creation) in the face of our epidemic. Dementia affects one out of every four American families.

  • Hospice Care
  • Creator of Brain Tune Up, a blend of spiritual, mental & wellness therapies designed to slow the progression of cognitive decline related with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss
  • 1965-1995 – obstetrician/gynecologist
  • 1973-1980- co-owned Parkwood Hospital
  • Medical Advisor to the Governor’s Council on Wellness and Physical Fitness
  • 1992 – Opened one of America’s first senior health clubs, “Seasoned Citizens”
  • 1996 – Bresky implemented senior wellness protocol called Brain Tune Up (formerly “Smiles”) on severe Alzheimer’s patients
  • 2000 – Brain Tune Up method approved by Medicare
  • 2005 – received grant from Jewish Community Foundation to test Brain Tune Up at Eisenberg Jewish Home for the aging in Reseda, CA
  • 2007 – Co-Founded Brain Longevity Center in Thousand Oaks, CA
  • 2008 – Authored book, “Brain Tune Up: Guide to Caring for Yourself”
  • 2009 – hosted radio show on KVTA 1520 AM “Brain Tune Up Doctor”
  • 2009 – Mayor of Los Angeles declared May as “Brain Health Month”
  • 2010 to Present - Continues to treat dementia and Alzheimer’s patients in his medical offices using Medicare-approved system

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